Thursday, July 5, 2018

Oldness Equals Fiction

There was a time I felt ten feet tall, but now I feel ten feet small.

Back then, I had friends and people knew me. We talked, laughed, and shared our thoughts.

I walked with a pep in my step, a smile on my face, and with no concern for the days ahead.

Time had no meaning. Growing older and money were the least of my worries.

I wanted to see the world and I believed the world wanted to see me.

I hurried from place to place and wasted away the days as if they would never end.

It felt good to be young, unconscious of my surroundings, and negligent of my future.

Regret was a misunderstanding, not something to be dwelt upon.

It was good to be young, or so I thought.

I Danced with Royalty

Time marched forward and as each year passes, I feel smaller.

My friends are fewer now and scarcer amounts know me.

I speak, but my words are not heard.

My pace is slower, I rarely smile, and I worry too much about the days ahead.

Weather and money are all I think about and time presses hard against me.

I have memories of the world, though many of them I have forgotten.

I no longer hurry, and I waste away the days wondering if I had a good life.

It feels horrible to be old, conscious of the inevitable fading future.

I am full of reminiscences, but many of them I regret.

Being Fiction is about Being Fiction

Then again, it’s great to be old, because I have become a walking, talking genius of life.

I can now babble on for hours about the incredible wonders of the world; weave unbelievable tales and imbue them with inconceivable prevarications; and I can make fantastical claims of great achievements, because there is no proof of the things I have accomplished. I have become the master of lies and I shall speak them using imaginative cliches.

Oh, there will be those who shall try to refute my stories, but I will stand firm, using my oldest and wit to counter their Google master.

The information age is upon us and it searches for the truth in everything. Truth is just a fact, absent of personality and character, unless furnished by an old person!

This Week be a Pleasant Red Elephant or an Anxious Pink Beetle.

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