Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Time vs. Money

Our memory of the past changes with time; so much so that with each passing year it scarcely resembles the truth. The past is done and, it cannot be undone with fictitious fabrications of the truth, but it sure makes the story a lot more interesting.

On the other hand, there are a few things we’ll always remember and they are etched in our memory forever.

One particular truth I’ll never forget is what a teacher said to the class one day.

“Time is more valuable than money.”

Looking at it from writer’s perspective, the wisdom of that statement presents a disconcerting conundrum.

It's not how you lived yesterday or even what you remember, but how you choose to live today and worry about tomorrow when it arrives with the morning sun.

Writers use their time to write a story and the reader is required to give money and time in return.

Time is important and we have only a limited amount of it, so it’s a risk for both the writer and the reader . . . a very expensive risk.

A bad story is time squandered for a reader, making the nasty review that is sure to follow understandable. A bad story for a writer is also time squandered and a costly lesson.

I have pondered over this conundrum every since I decided to write my first book, because asking someone to spend their time reading what I have written is huge and I do not take such a thing lightly.

We live in a world where an hourly wage is measured by the work that is done and when we retire from work, the thing we remember is not the money we earned, but the time we spent doing it. “I worked for 35 years. I worked 40 for years.” Universal words for retired workers. The amount of money earned is trivial when compared to the time we invested.

Free time is never free, it is earned with time. Money can’t buy happiness, but time well spent can be rewarding.

In advance, thank you for spending your time to read this. If you want a refund for your time, sorry, the ATM (Automated Time Machine) is currently out-of-order. I broke it trying to get the hour back I used to write this post.

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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Thoughts about Writing (My Opinion)

Politically Correct Fantasy Books.


Is that really a thing?

Every year it does the same thing.

I have a story in my head and a vision of what the characters will be like, and I write that story, and I write those characters. It makes me a happy writer. I understand there are certain things that might make a person’s head explode. I don’t intentionally write those things, but I don’t intentionally exclude them either.

Freedom: the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Writing is my Freedom, and I write what swirls inside my head.

Independent: free from outside control; not depending on another's authority and not subject to control by others.

Placating writers walk on quicksand. I was once up to my neck in quicksand – it’s not a good place to be. The harder I tried to get out, the more it sucked me in. I was finally able to free myself when I decided to stop letting it control me.

Writing sensitivity modifications to appease is dangerous, and it will kill imagination if allowed to fester. A writer should always write the story inside them.

Fantasy novels are a place to get away from the real world for a short time and meet strange new people, experience strange new lands, and to use your imagination. You also get to be subjected to what is inside a writer’s head. (Terrifying, eh?)

If the book you are reading offends you, stop reading it. It’s just that simple.

Are you the type of person who enjoys a story from the heart? I suggest you read an indie authors book.

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Serving the Mud Soup

The weather made a dramatic switch last night (hot to cold) so it feels like a Mud Soup day.

Mud Soup is about sharing my recent, slanted and cockeyed thoughts.

First up: 

Rules are meant to be broken. Well, that’s only partially true. The only rules that are meant to be broken are the ones that insist on unreasonability. (unreasonability is my new word of the day) People who knowingly break a rule or don’t follow a rule should abide by the consequences unless the unreasonability factor is arbitrary.

Moving on.

New Statute of Limitations: Whatever you did between the day you were born and your 18th birthday is automatically pardoned on your 70th birthday – if you make it that far. Being 70 years old is punishment enough. Peeing 5 times a night. Worrying about the weather. Etc. etc. etc.  It’s a nightmare no 70-year-old person enjoys.

If you insist 

Next up.

Japan successfully landed robot rovers on an asteroid's surface! In 1,000 years from now the significance of this event will change . . . um, a, um, something important?

Another new iPhone! In 1,000 years from now the significance of having a new iPhone will change . . . um, a, um, something important?

Erstwhile is a lonely word and has been abandoned for far to long. It’s like a rescue pet and it needs a loving home. Please adopt Erstwhile and give this delightful word the home it deserves.

First Lastly.

I say this with all sincerity – when I become rich and famous, I shall never forget all the kind people who have commented on this blog site, read my books, reviewed my books, followed me on twitter, said ‘hi’ to me, or thought about saying ‘hi’ to me. You people are amazing!

Last Lastly.

The monster underneath my bed and the goblin in my closet finally decided to retire and they want me to pay them for all the times they scared me. I refused. Now they are suing. More on this as it develops.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

To Persiflage or not to Persiflage

Hello, word scribblers and fellow epistemophiliacs 

Are you tired of perpendicular nouns, horizontal verbs, precipitous adjectives, unsentimental adverbs, and law-abiding punctuation marks? I know I am.

Aliens are always watching us.

Fear not, just yesterday, at the University of Fictitious Interpretation and Mystification, the Society for Enhanced Oxymoron Vocabulary and Pretend Jargon announced they have successfully dreamed up a literary therapy that will revolutionize how writers write. They named it, Advanced Palimpsest Osmosis.

What is Advanced Palimpsest Osmosis literary therapy?

It is a five-step psychotherapy process that may or may not work for you.

Step one: Stop stressing over old, established methods.

Step two: Write however you want.

Step three: Punctuate as you see fit.

Step four: Make up new words.

Step five: Convince ultracrepidarians that what you write is legitimate.

Possible side effects are: writing several pages of unreadable material, repetitious adverb use, forgetfulness, invariable back aches, wandering in the park, screaming at flowers, starring at a wall for no reason, (Is there ever a reason to stare at a wall?) watching ice melt, (There are at least two or three good reasons to watch ice melt.) increased pizza eating, begging for sympathy on Facebook, and prank-calling famous authors.

Advanced Palimpsest Osmosis is not for everyone and you should consult with someone, anyone, doesn’t really matter who it is, before attempting the five-step psychotherapy process.

Strive to be different, unique, or dissimilar on a daily basis and hopefully something odd or ordinary will happen.

Try Advanced Palimpsest Osmosis today and gyrate your writing career. It’s not just writing therapy, it’s an adventure!

Disclaimer: a statement that denies something, especially responsibility or a person who doesn't claim stuff.

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