Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Food for Thought (Teachers, Parents, and Government)

As I was reading an NBC article on my news feed yesterday, near the end, I read this gem, and I immediately paused.

‘Researchers have found that the human brain, particularly the part responsible for planning and controlling impulses, doesn’t finish developing and maturing until the mid-to late 20s, according to the National Institute of Mental Health’.

Well, gee-golly, Mr. Rusty Springs, now ain’t that a fine muddy puddle to jump around in!

I should have walked around this mud hole.

I won’t say what the article was about just yet, but this one sentence revealed what everyone has already known, forever, without wasting one second of their time researching it. I was surprised that NBC publicly stated it.


As a father of (4) children, that are all grown adults now, I can conclusively reckon, a child between the ages of 1-9, has zero control suppressing their impulses. Children between the ages of 10-22, has less-than zero power over their impulses, because the super-massive, puberty tsunami that takes over their brain renders them incapable of making any rational decisions or stopping them from doing something they’ll regret. Of course, there are exceptions, but they are extremely rare, and most every parent believes their child is exceptional, . . . until the shit hits the fan.


So, if the findings of the ‘National Institute of Mental Health’ (trust the science) are factually true, wouldn’t it be prudent for schools to just teach vocational skills, reading, writing, math, science, and English, and abstain from meddling in a child’s personal and subjective impulses.


I believe this is a valid reason for everyone: teachers, parents, and the government to stay in their lane.


Decisions about the future of a child’s life should always be left up to the parents, and also, the parents should take the brunt of the blame when their child does something wrong.  


Okay, now I’ll tell you what the article was about: a recent increase of young military members, ages 18-22, committing suicide. The suspected cause was because they regretted their decision to join the military for 4-6 years, and their life in the military wasn’t everything, they had hoped it would be, and they decided that their only way out was suicide.  


If young adults are struggling with life-choices, why would anyone ever presume an adolescent child is capable of making a permanent life altering decision?

People of Earth, Have a Nice Day.






Thursday, January 13, 2022

Be the Ray of Hope


Frustration has been the air we breathe, melancholy our daily bread, and our desire for normality is the cup from which we drink. We watch and listen, as the acidic parasites, the pessimistic-persuaders, and the blood-sucking panhandlers of lies spread their seeds of destruction. They are the vast ocean of fault-finding organisms besieging the virtues we hold dear.

The monsters underneath our beds wait patiently in the shadows, the goblins in the closet are standing ready to launch their attacks, and the setting sun is the signal for the reoccurring, nocturnal nightmares laying in the crypt to torment our slumber.

In the morning, as the light of day comes forth, our anxieties and trepidations are again reborn and we, the unheard, stride quietly once more amid the multitude of eyes and ears who seek to devour our minds, our hearts, and our souls.

Be the Fearless Rainbow in a Dark Sky

But today, let it be the day you stand firm and give not another inch. Be resilient, fierce, and formidable. Be the foundation of benevolence. Crush the stones of hate by being the paradigm of kindness and understanding. Loot their minds with silent actions of humanity, win their hearts with gentle words, and save their souls with friendship.

It only takes one to change the course of history.


This Week be the Purple Octopus of Hope or the Amber Rabbit of Sympathy


 Spreading Love to the World for a Better Tomorrow


Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Observations, Oddities, and Pro – Con Nouns in 2022

‘Vaccine’ no longer means ‘immunity’, it now means ‘protection’. I reckon they ought to say, ‘Protection Mandate’, that way people will understand more better.


I always thought Math was fair and impartial, but I learnt it ain’t got no ‘Equity’ cause it’s racist. I’m okay with that; never did like math no how.


Hanging out in my safe space.

Apparently, some folks are against he/ she pronouns. I reckon we ought to call these new made-up ones, con-nouns. (Seriously, if you have an issue with pronouns, please assign yourself numbers for he/ she instead of stupid made-up words or they and them.


I hear’d a gal on the TV say a human baby ain’t got no sex when it’s born. Well, I learnt a long time ago not to argue with or get mad at a person who has a perpetual vacancy above the shoulders.


Free Preschool? Well, Preschool is dumb and making it free is dumber. If’n you wanted the dang kid, you should stay home wit it or don’t have no kids. (FYI – it ain’t free. Hint: Guess where a portion of your soon-to-be higher property taxes will be going?)


Free College? That’s even more stupid. Going to college is a choice. Going to the Casino is a choice; can someone give me money to do that?


gaslight/ gaslighting: manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. This ain’t nothing new. Mother’s have been doing this to their daughters for a long time. It’s true, truly. I have seen it with my own eyes!


This year, I hear’d a lot about cancel culture and free speech. Well, we don’t know nothing ‘bout all that here in the sticks, and we ain’t never cared nothing ‘bout them new-fangled things no how.  


Jimmy hear’d someone say, ‘Ghosted’, and when he asked me what it meant, I told him I didn’t know, but I suggested he ought to check twice under the bed from now on before going to sleep at night.


“jimmy, I reckon some pretentious, sanctimonious folks will be ghosting us soon.”


“No problem, I still have my Ghost-Buster backpack.”


“Good job, jimmy.”



Friday, December 3, 2021


     I exist in the breath of humanity, building castles with words, creating vast empires of stories, and imagining impossibilities.  


     I dwell in a place where creativity has no color, no religion, only boundless thoughts of absurdities to explore.


     I strive to be the embodiment of all things peculiar and extraordinary.


      Imagination is the facilitator of my originality, and it constantly coerces my mind to create.


      Time is my enemy, and words are my loyal ally.


      I accept that my impulsive scribbles will forever be judged by those who seek to be entertained.


      My solitary plea for my thoughts is not clemency nor absolution, only tolerance.


      The chronicles of stories, ideas, and yarns I have amassed simply serve as the epitaph of my existence.


      And when my time is done, on my stone, the sincerity of my life shall be carved for all to see:


                             Explorer of Expressive Sovereignty

He was lost, but a chorus of words saved his soul. He was the dreamer, who resided in the Fortress of Imagination.