Thursday, January 8, 2015

Meaningful Intent

Books are awake dreams that take us to far-away places.

Words and their narratives are the extensions of a writer’s vision, destined to be experienced by an eager audience. Embrace the wonder of their words, cherish the mysteries they provide, and delight in endless tales of the unexpected.

      Be a gentle reader.

The pages of a book is the pavement your imagination walks upon; turn them with care so others may follow your path.

With each chapter read, swelling enthusiasm ignites spirited anticipation of hopeful outcomes. Plots twisting. Hero’s rising. Villain's fall, love is lost and found, bewilderment surrounds.

If story's end causes tender tear to fall, rejoice and be content. Conclusion of final word read should neither be happy nor sad. And if hope was unfulfilled, do not despair, books blissfully consent another to be read.

Only when stars cease to shine and inflamed inspiration dims will books be silenced. Until such time, the written word will forever have meaningful intent.


Of the journey taken, sometimes a memory is not enough, so a souvenir is a must - forever keep your books safe from harm.