Saturday, May 26, 2018

Fictional Astrology

This Weeks Horoscopes 

Aries – Star gaze, make banana cookies, and buy flowers for a friend.

Taurus – Scramble eggs on a mountain, eat naive bread, and avoid blue vegetables.

Gemini – Talk to lonely trees, fondle soft things, and do something creative.

Cancer – Stroll in the park wearing a silly hat, construct chaotic art, and wear red clothes. 

Leo – Persuade people to wear comfortable shoes, eat green candy, and exercise.

Virgo – Make an apple pie, socialize with birds, and take pictures of flowers.

Libra – Play games with friends, seek guidance from a stranger, and buy a houseplant.

Scorpio – Jump in a puddle of water, give chocolate to children, and charm a bartender.

Sagittarius – Wear suspenders, stay up late on Thursdays, and visit an old friend.

Capricorn – Buy new underwear, call a family member, and tell people you love them.

Aquarius – Say smart stuff, act childish, and sing old songs.

Pisces – Overcome a fear, pick up random objects, and impulsively skip.

Stonehenge for Ants 

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