Thursday, April 5, 2018

Something for Something - Honesty

I am proof that an old dog can learn new tricks.

It is a difficult thing to admit you have failed. I know a lot about failure, because I have tired many things, and I have failed several times. Failure is a valuable learning experience just as much as success is. On certain occasions, however, I didn’t fail, I simply realized that what I was doing at the time was not the right career choice for me, and so I wisely moved on to something different. My current occupation: writer and teller of stories, although I recently discovered that geologist's make a lot of money and are known for their wild parties. I might have to consider becoming a geologist someday.

Embrace the adventure of life

The quest to find your purpose in life can be a wonderful adventure or a tedious task. You must be prepared to accept what you want might not be your final destiny. Adapt and survive until you find your purpose.

Unread words will forever remain an abstract until readers choose to adopt them.

I applaud the indie writers who have succeeded, and I applaud those who continue onward.

Be a Courageous and Daring Magnificent Purple Cow.

Spreading the Love to Every Person on Planet Earth. 


Sunday, April 1, 2018

A Personal Advertisement

 A personal or personal ad is a notice traditionally found in a newspaper, similar to a classified advertisement but personal in nature. The internet has become a common medium for personals. Personals are generally meant for romance, friendship, or casual encounters and contains a basic description of the person posting it, and their interests.

This is my personal ad.


Enthusiastic Indie Author in Search of Adventurous Readers

Willing to write for your entertainment. Drinks a lot of coffee. Rarely sleeps. Randomly screams at a monitor. Good listener. Has illogical thought process. Would enjoy a conversation with a real person. Would really enjoy seeing someone reading my book in a coffee shop. Would really, really enjoy getting a royalty check in the mail. (Haven’t gotten one of those yet, but I know I would really, really enjoy it.)

And, I live in the Fortress of Imagination.

Choosing a book to read can be an adventure.

You don't want to read just any book, you want to read the right book for you. When you decide to start reading a new book, you probably go through a tiresome search process that feels like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Eventually, you find a few books that you might like to read, though you’re not sure they’re the right books for you.

If you are like a lot of readers, you try to avoid long boring books. You will be glad to know I, like other indie authors, design our books to be a stimulating experience. Imagine how gratifying it will be when you start meeting the characters in their books, who are sometimes as adventurous and witty as the author, and unlike any others you have ever read.

You've probably heard that long relationships with an author seldom work, but indie authors have a knack for preserving a relationship with readers. Some would even be willing to come on over to your house and have a cup of coffee with you. Indie authors are magnificent chatterboxes. Talking with an actually indie author face-to-face is an experience you won’t soon forget.

One of the biggest challenges for indie authors today is finding an audience. Local book signings and catchy marketing techniques are helpful, but they don’t always work. Countless amazing indie authors work long hours on their books just like famous authors do, but without the aid of professional editors. Please don’t pass on the opportunity to read an indie author’s work just because you don’t recognize their name. We are real people just like you. We have dreams. We have friends – most of them don’t call us anymore, but we still care about them and send them a Christmas card.

When you find the right indie book for you, and you enjoyed it, the best way to let the author know is to write a review. If you didn’t like the book, still write a review, but a constructive one. Trashing an indie authors work is like kicking a dead mule – pointless and cruel.

Take the first step by clicking on the buy button and begin the adventure. There is no obligation buy another book, so you have nothing to lose - except the opportunity to read a book by indie author. It could change what books you choose to read in the future.

If you choose my books, please be kind. I have an unstable personality.

This Week be a Harmonious Blue Penguin or a Calm Reddish-purple Scorpion.

Spreading the Love to Mexico, China, Italy, England, Norway, Chile, Australia, Iceland, Japan, India, and Poland.