Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Word Sexy

The best part about being an indie author is the unrestricted word sexy control you have. You can end a sentence with a preposition or go crazy with adjectives and adverbs. I think of words as if they were Lego's and I can build whatever I want. 


When a tree falls, does it make a sound even if no one is there to hear it?

This is how I would answer:

The tree suddenly began plummeting to the frozen ground below. Its branches, large and small, pummeled an adjacent tree, cracking off many as it fell. The shattered fragments swarmed chaotically. Squirrels scurried from their winter nests. Frightened birds took to the air. When the mighty tree ultimately slammed onto the forest floor with a titanic thud, the ground trembled, bark split, dirt swirled, and ice crystals darted into the cold air like a well-planned fireworks display. A thunderous echo of the natural event lanced through the tranquil timberland's in every direction, which eventually reached a young boy and his father, who were fishing that morning at the river. The wise father turned and looked at his son and said, “Trees do make a sound when they fall, even if no one is there to hear them.”

The boy, who was busy sending a text message to his friend, replied, “Huh?”

Indie authors generally write what they are passionate about instead of trying to write about a genre that is currently popular. Their passion is undeniably evident by how word sexy they are in the telling of their stories.

Verbiage: a profusion of words usually of little or obscure content. Speech or writing that contains too many words or that uses words that are more difficult than necessary. (BAH!) – I call that being word sexy. Go big or go home!

Finding the right combinations of words to accurately translate the swirling of ideas inside your brain is not easy. So, what’s wrong with getting a tad bit word sexy?

What is my definition of word sexy?

Word sexy: a phantasmagorical expedition to concisely find sets of words that have never met, but make them sound like they were always meant to be together. They fall in love, have kids, get divorced, and buy a beach house Finland.

Examples: Ranch Dip with Bacon Flavored, Cheese Stuffed Pizza Pretzels. Write Drunk while Drinking Rum. Edit Sober while You Think about Eating Bacon Flavored, Cheese Stuffed Pizza Pretzels. Pizza Insurance for the Super Bacon Pizza you dropped because you just had to have another glass of rum.

If you are the type of person who enjoys a story from the heart, I suggest selecting an indie book to read. They are truly a word sexy experience to behold.

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