Monday, September 25, 2017

Stillwater – the Paradoxical Conundrum

Whether you believe that the universe is a natural accident or created by intelligent design, the vastness, the complexities, and the destructive powers are curiously cohesive.

Proportional Perspective

We humans occupy one tiny piece of the universe, and we are fortunate to be relatively safe here on earth, for the time being, amid the cosmoses numerous calamities; most of which can instantly destroy us at any moment. Although, occasionally, the earth burps, reminding us that it too is a living, breathing cosmic calamity. But yet, throughout the history of humankind, communally embracing our good fortune has never materialized. The perverse and illogical human choice has always been to accelerate our own extinction rather than striving to prevent it.

The opportunity for implementation of a global, collaborative society has already been established. It is called the United Nations, with 193 countries as members. Collectively working to eradicate those who pursue human suffering for profit should be the central purpose of the United Nations. Regrettably, the United Nations exist in name only.

There was a time, during the early days of human existence, defensive armaments were necessary to combat and tame our immature and hostile tendencies. Unfortunately, we refuse to grow up and learn from our mistakes. Our deep-rooted antipathies and unwillingness to forgive past atrocities have made it impossible to peacefully forge ahead.

As an alternative to persistent, generational hostilities, perhaps we should give the virtues of human civility and cordiality a try.

Humility instead of Pride
Kindness instead of Envy
Temperance instead of Gluttony
Chastity instead of Lust  
Patience instead of Wrath
Charity instead of Greed
Diligence instead of Sloth                      

In regards to protesting and rioting, I offer wisdom from Nicomachean Ethics: "At the right times, about the right things, towards the right people, for the right end, and in the right way.”

The sooner every country abolishes weapons of mass destruction, the sooner humanity can finally cultivate a more optimistic future.

Be a wise blue squirrel or a curious yellow caterpillar this week.

Spreading the Love to Canada, Greece, Brazil, Albania, Austria, United Kingdom, and Bulgaria.