Thursday, August 24, 2017

Gencon50 - 4 Days of Controlled Chaos

First off, if you like games; board games, video games, RPG’s, or table top games, Gencon, held every year in Indianapolis, is a must do event unlike any other. Chaotically Incredible!

31 years later, I finally made it back to Gencon! Last time I went, Gencon was in Milwaukee. I certainly didn’t know it at the time that it would take so long for me to return, but being that it was Gencon’s 50th anniversary, I put everything on hold to make sure I would be there. My youngest son went with me. Having heard my Gencon stories a million times, he wanted to go and see it for himself. Being the good son that he is, he made all the arrangements. For the record, he said, “This is unbelievable,” about 200 times in 4 days and another 200 times on the ride home.

Creative Team patiently waits to hear all my Gencon50 Stories

We were up at 6am every morning, and the earliest we went to bed was midnight. We played a lot of games, toured the enormous vendor hall at least 50 times, and demo-played everything we could get into. Saturday night, we went to the comedy show – very, very funny comedians. There were tons of great places to eat – food trucks and local restaurants alike. Average walking distance each day, 10 miles.        

Sunday, after Gencon50 ended, I planned on writing and posting this article. (laughing loudly) My body, however, shut down and instantly went into sleep mode. I was utterly exhausted. Every inch of my body was sore, but I'm not complaining. I had a great time and hope to return again someday. Three days removed, I feel slightly better, sort of.

My take on Gencon50:

I consider myself to be an excellent observer of humanity, and what I witnessed this weekend was thousands of people who had all come together to play games, share similar gaming experiences, swap ideas, and connect with people from all around the world. I didn’t see any fights, but I did see a lot of joy, frustration, and congratulatory handshakes. No one likes to lose, but most gamer's don’t take it personally. “Good game,” and a handshake is how every game should end and from what I saw, they all did.

I was lucky enough to listen to and speak with numerous, exceptionally creative people. I was fascinated to see how gaming had evolved over the past 31 years, but more importantly, I was delighted to see that the people had not changed. Sure, the faces and the costumes were different, but their love for playing games had endured. Their desire to make stimulating games was still there. Their inventiveness was still there. And, I was pleasantly pleased to see the blissful camaraderie of like-minded people was still there.

Perhaps, I was fortunate, but I did not meet or speak with any unfriendly or unkind people the entire weekend. Friendly conversations between complete strangers is common at Gencon. A simple, “Hello,” and presto, an engaging exchange begins.

It might take a few more days for my body to recover, but mentally, I feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and revitalized after my exhilarating experience of interacting with so many brilliant and artistic people.

To the hundreds of volunteers and to the people who organized Gencon50 – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. You are all amazing!

If you enjoy games of any kind, I highly recommend you go to Gencon at least once. (Comfortable walking shoes are a must.)

Spreading the Love to all those who attended Gencon50!

RIP – Gary Gygax


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Eclipse

Spooky, darkening skies will soon be looming over my house, but only for a few moments and then it will be over. Wow!

As fate would have it, I live directly in the path of the approaching total eclipse - the suck zone. All my neighbors think it's awesome, including the hundreds of other people who have been herding into the region to see this ‘once in a lifetime’ event. The police, fire departments, and medical emergency folks are on high alert. I think they all be crazy.

Traffic in the area has increased substantially. Thank you, fate. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!  

I understand why astronomers and astrophysicist get all giddy about the eclipse, but I ain’t no star gazing dude. I reckon the most I’ll say when it happens is . . . “wow, darkness . . . wow, it’s no longer dark.”

I have a hunch there will be several idiots who will stare at the eclipse with faulty eye-protection, and of course, soon thereafter, lawsuits will be filled. Lawyers will make money and the idiots will be blind. *sigh*

I could, however, turn this into a profit-making venture. $20 for premium spot on the lawn to view the eclipse - $30 for the rooftop - $10 for parking in the driveway - $5 to use the bathroom - $5 for a cup of lemonade - $15 for a hot-dog - $20 for a sandwich - $25 for an eclipse T-shirt - $300 for night-vision goggles.

Nope, strangers lurking in my yard is not a good idea.

Although, I could do a re-enactment from the movie, Apocalypto, and put it on the Internet. I wonder if my neighbor would be willing to let me paint him blue and rip out his heart? Sounds like fun, but I doubt he’d go for it.   

Needless to say, I am not that excited about the impending eclipse as everyone else seems to be.

A celestial object moving in space. Wow!

This is it. Exciting, eh? 

I’m headed to Gen-Con this weekend! Now that is something to get excited about . . . Yippee!!!!!

Darkness is coming. I hope everyone has an awesome eclipse moment.

Spreading the Love to Paraguay, Greece, Portugal, and Poland.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Seriously Thinking

Amazing is a word that is amazingly used to often.

I decided not to attend the monthly meeting of Perpetual Procrastinators, but I did attend a garden party/ dinner fund raiser, hosted by the Insignificant and Irrelevant Society. (I was the guest speaker.) I spoke about sarcasm and how to tell and maintain a lie – no one listened to my speech, which is equivalent to applause at Insignificant and Irrelevant Society gatherings.

But seriously; why do writers, musicians, singers, dancers, and artist desire to be taken seriously? I hear that expression a lot. “I want to be taken seriously as a _______.  

Is being taken serious really a validation of success and subsequent acceptance into the secret society of serious people? Comedians, clowns, and cable news commentators are never taken seriously, and several of them are successful and famously known.

The last thing I want is to be taken seriously. I am a happy-go-lucky person. I don’t do serious.

I believe humans in general are profoundly way to serious lately. The Violence and Hate around the world must stop if we are going to survive. Everyone needs to start learning how to compromise. If you hear a word or see an event that makes you seriously angry; compromise by laughing, smiling, or just sit down and think happy-go-lucky thoughts while people stare at you.

My creative team is never serious

Is there a switch inside the brain that makes people suddenly go crazy?

Pharmaceutical companies should make ‘Chill Pills’ instead of pills with 7,000 side-effects and no cure.

I think people confuse passion with serious. You can be passionate about something without being overly serious. It’s called, finding the middle ground to ensure your happiness. Eradicate serious by being more-happier more often, which is more-better medicine for your well-being than any pill.

Seriously, I believe I need a drink. I know I seriously need to sleep more. I seriously think I want something else, but I seriously forgot what it was that I wanted.

I seriously concoct allegorical and philosophical fantasy novels. I can explain what I write, though I do not remember what I was thinking at the time I wrote it. Remembering what I ate yesterday is difficult and I seriously don’t even care.

Be a Compromising, Wise Purple Owl or a Giant, Peaceful Green Whale this week. 

Spreading the Love to Canada, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, France, and Venezuela.