Sunday, September 11, 2016

Books vs. Sports

Well, it’s that time again; the NFL football season has begun. The time of the year when the number of people who would consider reading a book drops significantly. That’s okay, by Thanksgiving the people who might read a book increases exponentially, once their favorite team is officially out of the playoffs.

Books > Football

Staying positive is important, but to be a battery you need a negative.

Book 4 is almost done; 2-3 more chapters to go. (Grunt - Grind - Grunt - Grind)

I still haven’t settled on a title as of yet, but here are several that I am considering:

The way things should be, but never are, because people are stupid. (too long?)

This Book is Better than Sex

Death! – Warning: you may die if you read this book!

Book 4 – Not a Sequel and Better than a Sleeping Pill

What Goes Around is a Circle

Words are Inside this Book and Periods . . . . .

Judge this Book by the Cover and Not the Guy who Wrote It


Stuff I Wrote

A Neurotic Tale of Imagination 

Have a Good Week

Stay soft Tom Brady!


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Flabor of the Day Stuff

Labor Day weekend has come and gone. I peeked outside and saw my shadow – 6 more weeks of summer!

Fantasy Draft Time! Um, a, I, I mean we don’t participate in the football fantasy draft. jimmy and I play Fantasy Objects in the House Draft. My 1st pick was the rum, he picked the TV. I picked the frozen pizzas second, he picked the lazy-boy recliner. My fantasy defense is the stack of books I’ll be reading this winter. He picked the bathroom for his defense. I’d explain the rules, but they are extremely complicated.


Based on a True Story – a phrase that I loathe. I prefer fiction over reality, only because the muck swirling inside my head is far more entertaining. No reruns. No commercials. No remakes. No sequels. And, I can destroy the world whenever I like and then rebuild a better one.

Currently trending in my world - Alicia Keys and Jewel. Due to my hermit life style when writing, I rarely venture outside my normal routine. I like to keep to the strict code of procrastination. My favorite activities: silly dancing, listening to rock and roll, snarling at the evil dog lady, and torturing jimmy, although, last week, I had a spur of the moment, moment. I rediscovered Jewel, who I once saw in concert. I heard one of her old songs and pesto, something clicked. The same thing happened when I heard an Alicia Keys song. I can only presume, the older I become, different things will be striking the inspirational-cords inside my brain. Redecorating the brain from time to time is a good thing. (jimmy hates it when I move the furniture.)  

Inspiration is a sneaky little fellow and difficult to find if you don’t keep your eyes open to inventive and creative possibilities.

Fictional writing, for me, is like sitting in a room with many different colors. The task I place on myself is to match colors that have never before been paired together. It is an excruciating and strenuous challenge, but one I freely invite to the imagination party inside my head.

Popular topic as of late, Freedom of Expression: Right to express one's ideas and opinions freely through speech, writing, and other forms of communication but without deliberately causing harm to others' character and/or reputation by false or misleading statements.

The only flaw with Freedom of Expression is freely expressing. The price to be paid is not free. Deliberate harm through speech, writing, and other forms of communication to character and reputation by false or misleading statements by other’s freely expressing often negates Freedom of Expression. (If you’re confused; it’s okay. I am too.)

I like change – as long as everything stays the same.