Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankful for Friends & Family

Thanksgiving, the day designated for giving thanks.

Jimmy (Creative Supervisor)
This year I am thankful for all my twitter and google + followers/ friends, the people who have visited this blog site, and most of all, Team Broke Fiction. They are  a talented group of professionals and without them, I truly would be lost.

Chuck & Charles (Creative Team)
Top Left - Sir Drake (Mail Room), Peco Bill the wonder horse (Transportation), Francis (Art Dept.) Horny Giraffe (Yoga Instructor). Front Row - Blind Jake (Marketing), Bacon and Eggs (Cafeteria Staff),
Crazy Larry (Accounting) 
Mr. Bob (Tour Guide and Blog Site Manager)

Editorial Staff - The owls are Ernest and Julio (Content Editors) In the center is Righty, Lefty, and Bart (Spell Check, Punctuation, and Grammar Police).

From all of us at Broke Fiction, Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Time for Another Adventure - Here I go again

Despite world events, and world peace a seemingly impossible possibility, the only thing I can do to feel normal and safe is to write.

So as autumn fades and the bare trees await the coming of winter, the time hath finally arrived for this old scribe to begin writing my next fantasy adventure story.

Before I start, I’ll rub the magic lamb a few times and hope for sagacious advice from the all-powerful genie. Talk to me Christina.

I hope she's home
My imagination is one of the few things they can never take from me.

"Is the creative team ready, jimmy?"

Chuck & Charles

"They be ready, Mr. Kafka."

"jimmy, crank up the music!"

"I'm on it, boss."

"Okay then, let's do this! Here I go again."


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Guided Tour

The Grand Illusion

Hello and welcome to the Broke Fiction blog site. My name is Bob, and the fellow over there in the corner is jimmy – Mr. Kafka’s schizophrenic and sarcastic friend. We’re extremely glad you stopped by today, and we sincerely hope you stick around for the guided tour.
Mr. Bob
“Looks like we have a nice crowd today, jimmy.”

“It sure does Mr. Bob.”

All right then, let us begin the tour. Over the past few years this blog site has been revamped several times. It started out as ‘Breaking all the Rules’, then changed to ‘The Journey Begins’, and is currently titled ‘Broke Fiction’. The original purpose for the site was to promote Mr. Kafka’s first book, write wild politically incorrect random stuff, and to connect with other artistic people, primarily authors. In regards to the latter, he’s been lucky enough to meet and speak with a myriad of creative folks from all over the world. Now the blog is nothing more than a shell of its former self, simply because Mr. Kafka is afraid he might offend someone.

The top left is a picture of Mr. Kafka. Don’t be alarmed, his bark is worse than his bite. He is a writer, painter, philosopher, and seasonal gardener. Just below his picture are the three books he wrote. I read all three and I highly recommend you do as well. They’re a bit philosophical for most fantasy enthusiast, but I still found them to be entertaining.  

Mr. Kafka's finished work of art.
Below the books are jimmy jams – a list of songs that jimmy selects to inspire Mr. Kafka while he writes. You’ll notice that the list is growing. That’s because Mr. Kafka is currently working on his next book. The list will continue to grow as he scribbles his fantastical tale.

Underneath the jimmy jams are Mr. Kafka’s Blog Archive. He tries to write at least one article a week, and even though the Broke Fiction blog is for amusement only, Mr. Kafka occasionally attempts to be serious. No one ever knows what he’ll write about next, not even jimmy. After the tour, feel free to browse through the archives; you might find something worth reading: his award winning poem, Meaningful Intent. or any one of his three books. 

Editorial Staff
Now over to the right, you’ll see the list of Google+ Followers. We encourage you to be a follower, and if you do become one, you’ll be eligible to win fabulous prizes. We don’t know what the prizes are yet, but they’ll be fabulous I assure you.  

Next is a list of Interesting Web Sites to Visit, by some very interesting people. They’re not listed in any particular order, but if the owners of those sites would pay us, we could be swayed to move them higher up the list. Here at Broke Fiction we have no scruples, ethics, or principles.

That will conclude the tour. The comment section is at the bottom, along with several methods of electronically sharing this blog site with your friends, or enemies. We appreciate any feedback you might want to provide and all comments will be answered by jimmy in a prompt and civil manner.

We hope you enjoyed the tour, and thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit us. Come back and visit as often as you like. We're open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, as is the gift shop.

Have a magical day!

Mr. Bob, your tour guide.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Choosing a Title

The title of a book, in my opinion, has an unequivocal function; be relevant to what is inside.

Picking a title is a small thing compared to the herculean task of writing a novel, but nevertheless, a vital element that should never be taken lightly. An authors work will be remembered by the title first and if the story is worthy, their name will eventually supersede the title.  

Being a novice about such things as assigning a title to a book, I agonized for days over each one before deciding on the titles I selected, and I ultimately concluded they were appropriate and relevant.

Vanguard – leading thrust of the advance into battle or the leading position of a movement of a cultural trend. (Being book 1 of the trilogy, it seemed like an obvious choice.)

Warfolkan – Warrior of the Folk and defender of free-will. (Warfolkan was a word I made up long ago and the main reason why I began writing.)

Sagacity – profound knowledge and understanding, coupled with foresight and good judgment. (I found the word Sagacity while I was scanning over the dictionary one day. It was a worthy satirical word for a character in the story I had in mind. I am thankful fate was on my side that day.)

I already have a famous last name, which I consider to be a curse more than a blessing at this point in my novel writing career. When I was growing up, and still to this day, when I state my last name I’m frequently asked if I am related to Franz Kafka. No, I am not related to Franz Kafka, though a big fan of his work.

I did not choose my name nor would I ever change it, and I always considered it to be somewhat contrite of an author to put a fictitious name on their books – to each his own, I suppose. However, I do get to choose the title of the books I write; a challenge I painfully accept.

Enjoy each day, speak with passion, and climb the rungs of life carefully. Wisdom and fate walk upon the same path, and it is up to each individual person to learn the lessons they teach.

“jimmy, if I were to change my name, I suppose I’d go with ‘Outrageous Polish Awesomeness’. Mr. Awesomeness, your table is ready. Hey, Outrageous, how’s it going? Yeah, that sounds outrageously awesome!”   

“Mr. Kafka.”


“Stop writing and take your medication.”

“Okay, if you insist.”