Thursday, December 26, 2013


Dragon, Dragon

Where is your lair, unfurl your wings and take to the air. Soar high above so I may see, trust me I shall not flee. I wish to see your breath and also be the cause of your death.

Warfolkan, Warfolkan

I am here, so do not fear. Why do you ask, killing me may prove to be a difficult task. My claws are sharp, my teeth sharper yet and my flames you must not forget.

Dragon, Dragon

Though your appearance sounds quite strong, your scales are tough and talons so long. But a quest I have and it is clear, whatever it takes I will kill you here.

Warfolkan, Warfolkan

Such a brief life, have you no wish to again see your wife? Imagine her tears, grief, and despair, walk away from this fight, you have not a prayer.

Dragon, Dragon

How wise thou art, a massive beast with such a kind heart. I do wish to kiss my wife and heir, fly to the mountain top I shall wait for thee there.

Warfolkan, Warfolkan

I thought you were brave, so here shall I wait deep inside the cave. Come little man if you must, but the outcome will be ashes to ashes and dust to dust. And when your end is near, please do beg and cower in fear. Your death will join the others, your foolish band of human brothers.

Dragon, Dragon

Great is your spirit and your heart, do not be troubled you are not that smart. The sounds of stone you hear, I have closed off the cave and trapped us here. So let us embrace and fight face to face.

Warfolkan, Warfolkan

You are incredibly sly, but I know the future and a hero you will die. On the contrary though, if I should fall, how boring life will be for the world not to fear the likes of me.


The Cynic

Love, the counterfeit emotion that patiently waits the shadows of the heart

I wish not to feel it, nor shall I allow it to tear me apart

Gardens of memories honor love in silent serenity,

Though quiet loneliness is my only desired amenity

Loves steel blade cuts deeps, turning those it strikes instantly insane

But unforced benevolence is my defense and my cloak of refrain

Finding love, knowing it shall be lost is a wound to severe to mend

Solitude is my only peace, a trusted ally to the bitter end

For those who find love, I am empathetic and unconditionally sympathetic

I walk the lonely road of tranquil existence in opposition to loves embrace,

Forever reluctant to clash face to face

The culmination of my existence will be solely remembered by my devotion

Of how I shunned love, the uncompromising human emotion