Wednesday, September 5, 2018

To Persiflage or not to Persiflage

Hello, word scribblers and fellow epistemophiliacs 

Are you tired of perpendicular nouns, horizontal verbs, precipitous adjectives, unsentimental adverbs, and law-abiding punctuation marks? I know I am.

Aliens are always watching us.

Fear not, just yesterday, at the University of Fictitious Interpretation and Mystification, the Society for Enhanced Oxymoron Vocabulary and Pretend Jargon announced they have successfully dreamed up a literary therapy that will revolutionize how writers write. They named it, Advanced Palimpsest Osmosis.

What is Advanced Palimpsest Osmosis literary therapy?

It is a five-step psychotherapy process that may or may not work for you.

Step one: Stop stressing over old, established methods.

Step two: Write however you want.

Step three: Punctuate as you see fit.

Step four: Make up new words.

Step five: Convince ultracrepidarians that what you write is legitimate.

Possible side effects are: writing several pages of unreadable material, repetitious adverb use, forgetfulness, invariable back aches, wandering in the park, screaming at flowers, starring at a wall for no reason, (Is there ever a reason to stare at a wall?) watching ice melt, (There are at least two or three good reasons to watch ice melt.) increased pizza eating, begging for sympathy on Facebook, and prank-calling famous authors.

Advanced Palimpsest Osmosis is not for everyone and you should consult with someone, anyone, doesn’t really matter who it is, before attempting the five-step psychotherapy process.

Strive to be different, unique, or dissimilar on a daily basis and hopefully something odd or ordinary will happen.

Try Advanced Palimpsest Osmosis today and gyrate your writing career. It’s not just writing therapy, it’s an adventure!

Disclaimer: a statement that denies something, especially responsibility or a person who doesn't claim stuff.

This Week be a Splendid Blonde Pigeon or a Passionate Lavender Rabbit.

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