Friday, March 9, 2018

Mud Soup Monday

Mud Soup is me thinking out loud.

Words are my passion.

Groups of words are a word orgy.
Novels are an enormous word orgy.
Evidently, I'm passionate about enormous orgies.

Of Course I did

Mainstream Definition: the ideas, attitudes, or activities that are regarded as normal or conventional; the dominant trend in opinion, fashion, or the arts.

Normal and Conventional left the building with Elvis. In today’s ultra-diverse world, Mainstream has mutated into a large spider web. People get stuck in the web. If you wiggle ever so slightly in an attempt to join another group in the web . . . the big bad spider comes and wraps you tighter. Wiggling on the web is bad and you will eventually get eaten.  

Dominant (important, powerful, or influential) Opinions are being spewed out every 5 minutes. The talking heads love opinions. Right fielders love opinions. And we all know that opinions are like . . .  

I have opinions, but I am afraid to express them in the ultra-diverse world.

In the Fortress of Imagination, hermetically stored in a super-secret vault, there are thousands of stories I wrote; none of them will ever be published. I like to reread them when I am bored.

Unrealistic vs. Fiction – Good, Bad, or Controversial

How to Speak Body Language

A Day in the Life of a Forgotten Friday Night

The Art of Staying Irrelevant

Baby Names – Optimistic Child Labeling?  

Reality, a Three Part Fictional Fairy-tale  

A Glimpse into the Future; Frozen Eggs and My Memory

If you Tweet it, someone will dislike it

TV Binge Watching is an Overindulging Activity  

The Truth about Right Fielders and their Moms

Hyphen; the New-Semi-Colon 

Prickly Serendipity Syndrome; will there ever be a Cure?

Body-Shaming Mirrors for Models

Perfection is Flawed Nonsense

Overcompensating for Circular Roundness

Where to Buy the Right Pesticide for Twitter Trolls

A Sanctuary City is Bamboozling

Hollywood; The Lost City of Good Intentions Gone Bad

Hollywood; If they watch it, we’ll make 20 more just like it.

It’s going to be another great week at the Fortress of Imagination. Stories to reread. Books to read. Rum to drink. Pizza to eat. Dreams to dream.

This Week be a Blissful Naive Boar or a Comfortable Burgundy Viper.

Spreading the Love to United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Syria, Brazil, France, Honduras, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Indonesia, and Poland.


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