Sunday, August 6, 2017

Seriously Thinking

Amazing is a word that is amazingly used to often.

I decided not to attend the monthly meeting of Perpetual Procrastinators, but I did attend a garden party/ dinner fund raiser, hosted by the Insignificant and Irrelevant Society. (I was the guest speaker.) I spoke about sarcasm and how to tell and maintain a lie – no one listened to my speech, which is equivalent to applause at Insignificant and Irrelevant Society gatherings.

But seriously; why do writers, musicians, singers, dancers, and artist desire to be taken seriously? I hear that expression a lot. “I want to be taken seriously as a _______.  

Is being taken serious really a validation of success and subsequent acceptance into the secret society of serious people? Comedians, clowns, and cable news commentators are never taken seriously, and several of them are successful and famously known.

The last thing I want is to be taken seriously. I am a happy-go-lucky person. I don’t do serious.

I believe humans in general are profoundly way to serious lately. The Violence and Hate around the world must stop if we are going to survive. Everyone needs to start learning how to compromise. If you hear a word or see an event that makes you seriously angry; compromise by laughing, smiling, or just sit down and think happy-go-lucky thoughts while people stare at you.

My creative team is never serious

Is there a switch inside the brain that makes people suddenly go crazy?

Pharmaceutical companies should make ‘Chill Pills’ instead of pills with 7,000 side-effects and no cure.

I think people confuse passion with serious. You can be passionate about something without being overly serious. It’s called, finding the middle ground to ensure your happiness. Eradicate serious by being more-happier more often, which is more-better medicine for your well-being than any pill.

Seriously, I believe I need a drink. I know I seriously need to sleep more. I seriously think I want something else, but I seriously forgot what it was that I wanted.

I seriously concoct allegorical and philosophical fantasy novels. I can explain what I write, though I do not remember what I was thinking at the time I wrote it. Remembering what I ate yesterday is difficult and I seriously don’t even care.

Be a Compromising, Wise Purple Owl or a Giant, Peaceful Green Whale this week. 

Spreading the Love to Canada, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, France, and Venezuela.



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