Saturday, July 22, 2017

Yellow Brick Road

I decided to end my hiatus from blog posting and inform the world that I am still alive. You can all rest easy now.   


Between working on another book and negotiating my finances so that I can put my trilogy books into paper backs, as well as publish my completed 4th book, I have had very little time for any thing else. Book 4 has been on hold because I have been searching for a cover designer who understands that unknown writers are typically poor.


In addition to writing, I have been considering another adventure to embark upon . . . stand-up comedy. I know, it sounds like a crazy idea and one I am sure to fail at, but like Dorothy and her gang of misfits, I am curious about the yellow brick road and where it will take me. I doubt that I have the courage to stand in front of a crowd and attempt to make them laugh, though I’ll never know until I give it a try. I thrive on being embarrassed and humiliated.    


As a writer, I endeavor to awaken whatever emotions I can with captivating stories. However, if no one is reading my stories, I often wonder if continuing down this particular yellow brick road is worth it. And if I hear, “Keep writing and maybe someday one of your books might catch on,” one more time, I maybe or might kill someone. Bah, I’m a coward; I’d just shout random meaningless words at them and walk away.


At some point in life, sooner or later, we are all confronted with the formidable scary yellow brick road and are forced to make tough choices. Personally, I wish the dang thing was a different color. Yellow? A soft shade of blue would certainly be less frightening. Yellow is the color of a coward. I suppose, metaphorically speaking, that is the reason why the road is yellow; we must conquer our fears in order to succeed.


Making mistakes and bad choices are the things that make us who we are and who will become as a person. Unfortunately, there is no chart to follow or guarantee of a successful outcome. The only way to find out is to take the first step and keep walking until you reach a fork in the road. A fork is okay, just don’t plan on having soup for dinner. Be strong, be happy, and if you get tired of walking, take a break and smell a few roses or do some stress relief and shout angry words at an annoying relative who everyone dislikes.


Life is like picking and eating blackberries on a hot summer day, sometimes you bite into a sweet one or an incredibly tart one that makes your face explode.

Stay Cool and be a Green Giraffe or a Lavender Duck this week.

Spreading Love to Germany, Ireland, Hungary, and Switzerland!

Feel free to jot down a comment, because it’s the only way I’ll know if anyone reads the gibberish I write.  


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