Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spring Cleaning!

It’s that time of the year again we all hate, . . . sort through the old junk and hope we have the courage to trash it. It’s hard throwing away the things that remind us of the past, but in order to make new memories, it’s a necessary evil.

Let’s get to it!

Spring Cleaning is Fun!

I opened the door and bravely stared into the abyss of forgotten memories and good intentions, otherwise known as ‘the garage of hell’. I dreamed of being on a beach, sipping a refreshing drink, but then . . . reality slapped me in the face. My garage is a mess. Cobwebs, boxes of junk, bags of useless items, and a workbench covered with stuff that shouted, “This is a great idea and we’ll get started on it tomorrow.”

Despite my desire to be somewhere else, I reluctantly entered the garage. I quietly walked toward the wall of boxes on the left. Fearing I might wake the demons that slept inside them, I gently grabbed the smallest box on top, opened it, and timidly peered inside.

“Ahhh! I remember this stuff!”

It was filled old query letters I wrote to publishing agents. I prefer not to read any, and instead I'll toss them in the trash. I opened a bigger box next. It was filled with empty coffee cans of depression and sleepless nights that I bought when I first got married. I saved the cans to remind me how blissful youth felt. I suppose I can finally toss them. 

Look forward, never look back is my new motto.

The big box, labeled ‘angry emotions’; ain’t gonna open that one. No reason to relive why I saved what’s inside. But, the box labeled ‘silly emotions’; now that box I’ll open. It’s filled with empty bottles of rum. Oh, the memories and the stories that this box contains are priceless and worthy of a future memoir to be written. Bah, no one would read it – trash. Box of my old military uniforms. Save.

Time to tackle the garbage bags of junk. A bag of silly idea’s. A bag of not so silly idea’s, but too lazy to do them. A bag of captured monsters that hid under my bed. A bag of T-shirts that people bought me. A bag of pennies to be used as ‘my two cents’. A bag of trivial thoughts. A bag of ridiculous comments. A bag of hare-brained schemes from my youth. A bag of things I never should have said. A bag of acquaintances that I promised to stay in touch with, and last but not least, the bag of things I wanted to do, but never did. Trash, trash, trash!

I can see the shelves now!

Look! My old train set. I wonder if the wife will let me set this up in the spare room. I doubt it. I’ll send it to the grand kids. Rock'em Sock'em Robots! To the grand kids. Old cans of paint. Yuk! Trash. Fishing rods and tackle box; I haven’t fished in ten years. Trash. Commodore-64 computer. Trash. A stack of empty coffee cans; good storage space for something. Save. Golf Clubs, . . . um, I might play again. Save. Spare tire from the 1975 Chevy. Save. BB-gun; definitely save for the evil dog lady. I suppose I should save the 4 ladders, 9 snow shovels, 5 leaf rakes, 7 umbrellas, 200+ brown paper bags, my wife’s 36 pairs of running shoes, 16 extension cords, 12 coolers, 2 broken chairs, 3 artificial Christmas trees, and 14 different sized pipe wrenches, though I do not know why.

This absolutely stays!

As for the junk on the work bench; I have to save that stuff for an idea which just might be the next big thing! 

My work here is done. Next week, Spring-Clean my office, . . . maybe.   

Be a busy blue spider or a lazy green worm this week.

Spreading the Love to Hungary, Poland, Ireland, France, and the Netherlands.




  1. If that Commodore 64 still works, you may get some coin for it from collectors.

  2. I need readers more than money ;) Thanks for stopping by, sire.