Saturday, August 27, 2016

Polish Blood – American Born

Wherever you go, you can't get rid of yourself.

Yes, Polish blood runs through me. 3 of my 4 Grandparents were born in Poland and the fourth one was born in Germany near the border of Poland. However, I do not hyphen, because I am not a Polish-American. I was born in America. I deem hyphens to be redundant acknowledging, much like a selfie. I already know what you look like, so I don’t need to see 7,987 pictures of you; one is enough.   

I have always respected my Polish ancestry and I am thankful for it, because going to a Polish Grandma’s house was the bestest for young boy with a huge appetite.

Typical Day at Grandma’s

1.        Placki ziemniaczane (potato pancakes) Breakfast
2.        Makowiec (poppy seed pastry cake) 1st Coffee Break
3.        Blueberry mazurka (sweet treat) 2nd Coffee Break
4.        Kielbasa sandwich (Polish hot dog) Lunch
5.        Gołąbki (Stuffed cabbage) Afternoon Snack
6.        Chrusciki (Light-as-air pastries) 3rd Coffee Break
7.        Piernik (Polish gingerbread) 4th Coffee Break
8.        Pierogi (Farmers cheese filled dumplings) Dinner Appetizer
9.        Barszcz (Red beet soup - borscht)
10.      Bigos (Traditional meat stew) 1st Course
11.      Łazanki (Pasta, fried cabbage with pork) 2nd Course
12.      Paczki (Custard-filled doughnuts) Mid-Dinner Desert
13.      Kotlet schabowy (Breaded pork and potato dumplings) 3rd Course
14.      Sernik (Polish cheesecake) After Dinner Desert
15.      Leftover Kielbasa before bed time.

Seasonal notes:

Children are back in school, please drive carefully near school zones.

During the dog days of summer, remember to keep the cat inside the house.

Most of the stuff people worry about never happens, so don't meddle with something that has not yet happened.

Me being me is as problematical as honesty is to a politician.

If you don't see me, I'm not there.

Have a Great Weekend


Friday, August 19, 2016


Be brave and walk the lonely road of tranquil existence in opposition to impossibility

Understanding the mountain you must climb to achieve your dream is the first step of the many steps you will take. 

In absence of youth, blissful adolescence fades, conceding to more sagacious thoughts. Perchance a white snake shall crown your head with wisdom, enabling you to appreciate and to revere the numerous mysteries in the world. 

I thought I knew everything, until I grew curious.

Writers frequently experience severe exclamations, but after a few ellipses, they feel semi-colon and punctuated - the next morning is a question mark of puzzling commas and quotations.

Literary perfection is only achieved when the content you write about is extraordinary. 

Reacquaint yourself with your imagination; it’s a youthful experience you won’t want to miss!


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Snarky Simplicity

Writing silly stuff is a good way to get the creative juices flowing!

I couldn't face going to see Fred later that night. I  didn't think he was physically capable of lifting Jack's body out the trunk, and I didn't think he was smart enough to bake a simple lemon cake - both good enough reasons for avoiding another Monday night of eating all the dead people we killed early that day. But I went anyway, it was my week to bring the beer.

Bad hair days are the worst!

Well said, and nice hair.

Silliness is simple and should never be made simpler.  

From the sludge of humanity, I lifted up my head and saw the perfection of dawn, giving light to a new day. It would not stay perfect for very long. Out over the field of battle, where so many had fallen, the horde of the underworld had rallied in the night and were once again on the move toward our weakened defenses. The few of us who had survived through the sleepless night stood firm on the ramparts, ready to die if necessary. Not a soul among the brave warriors of Choco Chip Town remembered who stole the cookies from the cookie jar, but for some reason it really pissed off the demons of the underworld. 

My love, your arrival and departure reminds me of the rising and setting sun; magnificent beauty to behold that I take for granted everyday. However, unlike the sun, I have no assurance you will ever pay back the money you owe me. Therefore, I promise that you shall be hearing from my attorney, but I do have one request if you are so inclined to permit.

Any chance you can come over tonight, I'm feeling kind of lonely.

The tool came to life in her hands. The steel bit of the air powered drill began to bite into his flesh. He screamed. Blood splattered. His bone snapped. The noise was deafening. Her ears adjusted to his screams. Betty turned the crank steadily. A fine dirty spray of water and blood filled the air. She then jerked the drill, shifting it into reverse until the steel bit was free from the bone. Then she stood in front of him and said, "I think I need a new bit, this one is to dull."

He leaned back in the seat. Around the table there was a silent expelling of breath. Tommy sipped his coffee cup of blood, then stood. The five people he just went all vampire on were still barely alive as he turned to leave the room. But before he left, he said, "Dammit, I forgot the cream and sugar."

Be a purple cow and write like you mean it.