Monday, June 22, 2015

The Writer

      I exist in the breath of humanity, building castles with words and creating a kingdom of stories to be savored 

      I live in a place where creativity has no color and no religion.

      I am the embodiment of all things singular

      I search for boundless possibilities yet to be explored

      Imagination is the facilitator of my originality, and it coerces my mind to create

      Time is my enemy and inspiration is my ally

      My eloquence will be forever judged by the greedy who desire to be accommodated

      I do not seek clemency or absolution for my thoughts, only tolerance

      My stories serve as the epitaph of my existence

      On my stone it shall read, Explorer of Expressive Sovereignty

      I was lost, but a chorus of words saved my soul

      I am the dreamer, who resides in the Fortress of Imagination